PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015 is a competition for schools, in Italy and worldwide, organized by HOC-LAB of Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with School Project Expo Milan 2015.
Schools are asked to organize classes (groups of students) to develop an educational activity connected to the themes of the Universal Exposition. The activity and its results are turned into a multimedia narrative, developed with an innovative authoring environment, “1001stories”, by Politecnico di Milano.
All school levels are involved: from pre-school to senior high school. Groups of students work at researches, quests, special projects, field trips, on identity and traditions, … and develop charming multimedia narratives, combining images, audio, video, text.
Participants are supported through: 3 Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), more than 300 pages of resources (derived from interviews to experts), more than 1,200 educational “tips”, an ebook series, thriving communities of teachers and a Time-Bank.
The competition for Italy ended on May 10th: to see all the multimedia narratives about Expo Milano 2015 would require nearly 7 days! All the trailers (lasting less than 1 minute each) would require more than 6 hours!
The international competition ended on June 15th, 2015. For the international schools, an online award ceremony will be held on October 2015,
Scientific studies (with participating teachers) demonstrate the relevant pedagogical impact. Pupils gain in content understanding, media literacy, technical skills, soft competences, 21st century skills, etc. Very important: teachers often remark a sharp increase in motivation, even in disaffected students. A different attitude towards the themes of the Universal Exposition is also widespread.
PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015 is part of a larger vision: world education for world citizenship
The legacy of Expo Milano does not end in October 2015. Schools (worldwide) will be called for a new edition of the competition, in school year 2015-16.
For further information please contact PoliCultura by e-mail: policultura@polimi.it