The international project TOGETHER IN EXPO 2015 curated by the Ministry of Education and Research during all six months of the Universal Exhibition, has a strong social “soul”, manifested in the COMMUNITY: heart and core of the web platform
Here, classes from all over the world, play with the MISSIONS, educational activities  and games that engage 2,760 teams of students (ages 4 to 19 years old) each day, based in 72 different countries. A challenge promotes exchanges and collaborations around the theme of Expo Milano 2015: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".
The digital project featured an international contest "TIE2015", that invited students from around the world to develop a shared and collaborative media contribution, around the topics of sustainable, supportive and fair food. The competition -whose prize was a trip to Expo Milano 2015 for a delegation of the winning teams - was closed on March 30th and was attended by more than 600 teams coming from 64 different countries.
Among the almost 300 multimedia contributions submitted, were identified nine winning projects, divided according to three age groups (6-10 years, 11-13 years, 14-19 years) and 3 special mentions: best peer education, best school gardens, best kids. 
All the twinning activated for the contest, are a testimony of how new technologies and "blended" methods can bring together schools around the world. All 12 winning projects are featured in the TIE2015 WINNERS section of the website.
The EXPO-experience continues also after the end of the contest, thanks to the special monthly prizes "BEST TEAM OF THE MONTH", dedicated to the teams playing in the COMMUNITY of TIE2015: the 30th or 31st of each month, until the end of Expo, the Community Manager of TIE2015 will select a new winner: the team that on that date will have the highest score in the ranking. The prize will be a trip to Milan Expo 2015 for a delegation of the class.
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